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Our shop specializes in gifts for the pet lover.

None of our items are pre-made.  Once an order is placed, we then start on it's  creation.   Our items can be customized to look like your pet or you can use the standard breed profile.  Please keep in mind that delivery time may vary depending on the amount of current orders.

Our Products
More Birdhouses, Birdfeeders, Planters
Squirrel Mailbox
Mersett tile
Custom Basset Leash Holder
Dog Feeder
Mersett tile 2
Don Juan Siberian
Baasset Mailbox
Bear Mailbox
St. Bernard house Sign
Birdhouses, mailboxes, leash holders, bird feeders
Dobeasus (Doberman Pegasus) cup
Birdhouses, Planters, Birdfeeders
Mersett (Mermaid Basset) Tank Top
Custom Mugs

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