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Free Shipping on orders over 79.99  !



Many light weight items like towels and shirts already have free shipping!


(For US states only, excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

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Our shop specializes in gifts for the pet lover.


None of our items are pre-made. Once an order is placed, we then start on it’s creation. Our items can be customized to look like your pet or you can use the standard breed profile. Please keep in mind that delivery time may vary depending on the amount of current orders.


You can look all over the web and find many businesses selling similar products, so why should you buy from us?  One word – commitment.  We are committed to providing the best product possible.  All products are made by hand in our shop. This is not just a business for us, it is an extension of what we love to do. Our product’s quality reflects on us and we want the best reputation possible. We are also animal lovers so we know the importance of our four legged family members. 


If you buy one of our products and are not happy with the results, contact us.  We will work with you to get a satisfactory solution you are happy with.


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