Custom gifts for pet lovers

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 Customized gifts for pet lovers is our specialty.  Therefor, any of our items can be customized to look like your pet-  birdhouses,  mailboxes, leash holders and more.   As a result, you can have that special memorialized  item of your beloved animal.  Some customers do not have pets but want something unique for their yard. 

You can look all over the web and find many businesses selling similar products, so why should you buy from us?  One word – commitment.  We are committed to providing the best product possible.  All products are made by hand in our shop.   This is not just a business for us, it is an extension of what we love to do.  Our product’s quality reflects on us and we want the best reputation possible. We are also animal lovers so we know the importance of our four legged family members.  

Our wooden products are made from pine wood,  extreme weather latex paint and are built to last.  We take pride in our work and aim for a product we can be proud of.  As a result of this, our store has many return customers.   Customers  can  supply our shop with a pic of their pet to use or they can go by the standard breed profile. If a customer does not see a breed or animal they want, we would be more than happy to design one.   We do not charge for most custumizations. 

The leash holders are one of our more popular items. Customers can use the tongue for the main leash and the other two hooks for keys or leashes.  The dry erase boards and chalkboards have been created in various animals such as cats, dogs, elephants and giraffes.  What animal would you like to see?

Visit our shop for a complete listing of our products. We offer a satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked.