Month: December 2018

Caring for your birdhouse

Rhino Birdhouse

If you are like me, you love birdhouses and feeders.  Nothing like seeing the birds perching on their house/feeder or watching as they care for their young.  I like to have my situated to where I can watch them from the deck without disturbing them.  And we all know that along with having birdhouses comes the not so wonderful job of cleaning them.   

You will need to wait until there are no birds in the nest. Most leave for the winter but can vary on when.  If you have not seen any activity for two weeks, it should be safe to clean it.  Birdhouses should come with a vent for air circulation and a door or opening allowing you to clean it out.  If you have one of our birdhouses, there are two screws on the bottom allowing you to take off the bottom. 

Steps are pretty simple.  Wait till the birds are gone, put on gloves and clean out whatever is in there. Some people use a bleach cleaner to kill any germs or fungus.  I just use a mild anti-bacterial soap like dawn.  It’ just a personal preference. 

Bird sitting on tongue
Bird sitting on tongue

Another tip to keep in mind if you have one of our birdhouses/feeders/planters.  You can extend it’s life by spraying a clear UV sealant on it about once every two years.  They sell this at most hardware stores.  Just look for the kind that is non-yellowing and good for outdoors.