Our time at the KC Pet Expo

Nov 3rd and 4th, we were at the Greater KC Pet Expo.  Never participating in the event before, we were not quite sure what to expect.  We had a wonderful time.  Many vendors were there, attributing to just about any type of pet product you can think of.   It was quite enjoyable to see all the different types of pets – dogs, cats, ferrets, rodents, pigs and more.   I’m a sucker for the short nosed breeds.  It was all I could do to not adopt every Pug, Bulldog, and Boston Terrier available.  But alas, my little Kali would not handle it well if I came home with another dog.  She’s my little 18 lb Frenchton who thinks she can take on 140 lb dogs.  She’s all cute and cuddly with people, not so much with other animals.  Ash, on the other hand, is my happy little Rhino.

They had a Lure Track that was very entertaining.  If you are not familiar with that, it’s a lure they have tied on a string that dogs chase around a track.  Occasionally a dog would get loose and go running for their freedom.  The dog would come flying by with people chasing after him.  Then we’d see him running back with people still chasing him.   Every time they thought they had him, he would slip on by.

It was very pleasant interacting with the different pet owners and explaining how our shop works.  We heard many wonderful stories of pets and kids.  

If you ever get a chance to go to one of the Pet Expo, you should go. I think you’ll enjoy it.


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